Samadhi Banks

The  Haute Teacher Shop is proud to announce that we are partnering with Samadhi Banks to bring you an all natural, feel good, life changing wellness menu.

In the links below, you will find her DIY blog, online yoga course, in person yoga trainings and all her handmade goodies in her Yogi Shop. 



A Thousand Stars in A Jar blog is a holistic wellness blog. Every day, whether developing new ways to grill up tasty tofu, figuring out how to shabby-chic a dining set with items on hand, or simply observing the wonders of nature, it’s always an adventure, and ever-changing.  

To us, yoga is an authentic way of finding wellness, peace, and community.  It's the welcoming arms of a friend, the smile of a teacher, the nurturing of a mother.  It's not a competitive sport or gymnastics routine, but a way back to who you really are.  At the heart of it all, the wonderful energy and tradition of yoga is here to help bring well-being into your life, and we're so happy for this chance to share it with you.

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Take a deep dive into the teachings of Kundalini with our full lifestyle immersion intensive in 2018!  Develop your knowledge and surround yourself in supportive community as you devote yourself to your practice and training within our retreat-based format.

Gain deep understanding of the tradition, while developing your skills as a teacher. Allow yourself to truly embrace and embody Kundalini for this special experience that will transform you from the inside out.

Our retreat location in the beautiful, wide-open Texas countryside, just 45 minutes from DFW airport, will allow you the personal time and space you need to comprehend and integrate deep truths and how you can fulfill your highest purpose on this path. The amenities you'll enjoy while you're there will ensure this is not only a journey to remember spiritually, but a comfortable one for your mind and body as well.

Post-Intensive practice, teaching practicum assignments, exclusive online community and Facebook group, mentoring, and virtual group meetings will help you integrate your learnings holistically over time.

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